2016 - A (Very) Brief Summary

It's been a while since our last blog post, here is what we've been up to!  

The photo below shows a stack of identical railings that we built with a jig.  These guardrail/handrail’s were built to replace the outdated railings found in a Fort Collins, CO hotel.  The stairs that these rails were installed in served as an egress stair shaft in the building.  There were three egress stair shafts in the 9 story building, each one connecting the first floor to the ninth floor.   The railings in the photo are waiting to be degreased, cleaned, and painted.  

Hilton Railings 1 


The project seen below was a custom design and creation from our shop.  The customer required a stairway egress for this deep window well instead of the typical egress ladder.  We also determined that when the stairway was not in use (which is almost always unless there is a fire!) it would be nice to be able to have it folded up.  Having it tucked away allowed for more light to enter the window in the basement.  We designed the stairs from scratch using standard gas springs similar to the type used on the rear hatch of an automobile.  These springs helped to lift the heavy steel stairs to the proper angle for walking up.  The bottom 4 treads of the stairs were built to slide up and down allowing the stairs to fit into the space when in the folded up position.  The photo below shows the stairs in both the folded up and open position.  These stairs were powder coat finished for a durable exterior finish.

Egress Stairs 1

The next photo shows a unique railing that has nice curved returns on the ends of the top cap and randomly angled balusters.  It has an organic and elegant feel but does not mimic anything in particular.  This was a very fun project to design and fabricate.

Grass Railings 1

The patio screen seen in the photo below was another custom design.  We worked with Canadian artist Pamela B. Creurer to create the abstract mountain scene which was laser cut from a piece of 3/16” thick steel.  We then mounted the scene to a frame and built the 3 planter boxes below, which are connected to the frame and serve as a base for the entire assembly.  The planter boxes and the screen are bolted down to the deck and framing below to secure it during windy weather.

Patio Screen

These were just a few of the projects we did in 2016.  As 2017 starts out, we are looking forward to some exciting potential jobs and hope this year is as fun and productive as the last.

More projects and blog posts to come!

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