About Hueber Industries

Working with metal is a form of creative expression and physical enjoyment for us. We love the process of designing and crafting something of beauty, whether the application is purely function, purely form, or a combination of the two.  That's why our capabilities range from small home projects to medium and large scale commercial applications. 
We provide a variety of metal working services, including the fabrication of steel handrails, guard rails, driveway gates, security gates, decorative chimney caps, rooftop screens, rolling doors and gates, industrial and decorative doors, barn doors, stairs, furniture and fixtures, steel structures, brackets, carts, trusses, bar joists, planter boxes, steel trellises and pergolas, metal fences, signs, mailboxes, benches - basically anything steel in the built environment.

As a metal fabrication shop, we also have the ability to provide CAD design services for all of our projects.  We have the creative background as well as the design software to take an idea, transform it into a concept, and finish with complete renderings and drawing sets.  One of our areas of specialty is combining wood with steel, a value-add to our customers as it allows the use of one shop for two services as well as adding creative options to our design toolbox. We like challenges, problem-solving and working with our clients to develop the designs and products that suit their tastes, budgets and needs. 
Beginning in 2012, Hueber Industries primarily provided welding and metal fabrication for residential construction.  Because of their success and increased demand, they’ve now expanded their services to architects, engineers, contractors, and business owners in the residential, commercial, and industrial fields.   The Hueber Industries team currently consists of: Paul Hueber, James Raben, Kevin Johnson, Patrick Corcoran, Andy Hrncirik, Ashley Pitman, Ethan Anderson, Michael Prieto, and Kamin Purdy-Oblander.

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